Grasslands Pasturefed Application: Self Assessment

The Grasslands self-assessment is required to be completed by the owner of, or person responsible for the cattle husbandry of the applied PIC. The business rules & standards need to be provided & accessible for all personnel that are responsible for the husbandry of the cattle. This is to assure that they have an understanding of the requirements of the program to ensure the eligibility status of the cattle is not compromised. Any of these individuals may be called upon in an audit to answer questions.

All questions that display a red line in the response area are required to be answered.

Teys Australia will perform a desktop review to verify the understanding and compliance of the Grasslands Pasturefed Business Rules & Standards.

An application confirmation will appear on screen after submission in addition to an email record.

If you experience any difficulties completing this survey please email or alternatively contact one of the below Teys Australia plants for assistance:


Select one option below that best matches your circumstances to go to the appropriate form you need to complete. Your options are:

Option 1: I would like to apply for Teys Grasslands Accreditation.

Option 2: My current Teys Grasslands Accreditation will expire soon, and I would like to renew it now.

Option 3: I am PCAS accredited, including HGP free + Antibiotics free. I would like to upload a copy of this to gain Teys Grasslands Accreditation up to the Expiry Date on my PCAS certificate only.

Option 4: My PCAS certificate will expire soon, so instead of renewing my PCAS certificate, I would like to apply for Grasslands Accreditation only.